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Lost Property Recovery Service

Welcome to our lost property recovery service.
We know how worrying it can be to lose a personal item, especially during a tourist experience.
For this reason, we are committed to facilitating recovery of any items that may have been lost on board our tour buses discovered while exploring the wonders of Milan.

If you think you have left something on the bus, please fill in the form below with all the necessary information to help us identify and return your item.
Please provide a detailed description of the lost item, including the day and approximate time of the tour.
If possible, also send a photograph of the object, as this could considerably speed up the identification and recovery process.

Our team will endeavour to search for the lost item and will contact you as soon as we have news about your case.
To ensure the safe return of items, especially valuables, we will carry out the necessary checks to confirm the actual ownership.
This is an essential step to ensure that every item is returned to its rightful owner.

We thank you for your trust and undertake to treat each report with the utmost care and attention.
Your cooperation is invaluable and significantly increases the possibility of finding what you have lost.

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